The Third Person Perspective

Am Denny, a small town guy from the hilly areas of Wayanad, the most backward and hilly district of Kerala, India.


Am not being cruel to Wayanad, I feel proud to be born in Kalpetta Govt. Hospital to Dr. Alice ‘s hands. Lemme tell the secret why I love this place. First thing is that this land doesn’t hold a solid culture both religiously as well as socially. The people here are a mixed community comprising of Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jains and not to forget the original owners of the land ie; the tribes including Paniyas, Naykars, Kurumars,Chettis etc. So my point being made here is that all these people together make the existing culture and hence the people are friendly and unbiased (I hope u caught the point ).Second thing I like about this place is that it was the center for trade and heritage which dates back to atleast 5000 years. Now u get me right; there was a civilization existing in this mountainous area which was connecting the Mysore region to the ports in Kodungalur. There has been proof of Malabar Pepper in the pyramids of Egypt(believe it or not… ). You should be laughing your stomach out for the facts such as Vasco D Gama discovered India an all by landing in Kappad Beach,Calicut.


Lets be focussed and stay on the topic of this blog am trying to write. Currently am employed in Aster DM WIMS Medical College & Hospital, a 500 bedded teaching hospital located in the lush green tea plantations of Meppadi (the same stretch of tea plantations connecting to Ooty and Munnar).


I have been working here right from its inception,that makes it 3 years and 7 months.


Am married to Ms. Jeena Varghese, my girlfriend from my School days (yeah, that makes it almost 10 yrs affair) for nearly 1.5 years. I have done my Bachelors in Engineering (Bio-Medical ) and my Masters in Business Administration specialised in  HealthCare.

I guess thats it for the third person perspective for the time being. I wish to blog my interests in travel, tourism, nature-human balance, photography, my  random weird thoughts on philosophy, evolution, culture, religion etc.

Looking it with the best possible positive approach.


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